Carbon fiber is a microcrystalline graphite material obtained by carbonization and graphitization of organic fibers. Carbon fiber needs to be treated before it is used, which usually combines carbon fiber as raw material and resin and carbonized under certain conditions. Carbon fiber has many excellent properties, which can be called the king of new materials. Use carbon fiber materials to give your product a ” lose weight”.

As the excellent ” weight loss”; materials, carbon fiber density is 1.7g/cm3, with the same weight of the material Aluminum Alloy density is smaller, so the carbon fiber in the need to reduce weight products widely used, like aircraft fuselage, wing spoiler and rudder, automobile transmission shaft, high iron parts the use of carbon fiber production, studies have shown that the use of carbon fiber production of the products to the general material than about 40% weight loss, and not just because of the carbon fiber composite material of low density and achieve weight loss, carbon fiber composite materials and processing performance is strong, also can use the integrated molding process, reduce unnecessary parts. The two together, we can realize the lightweight integral structure, reduce energy consumption.

Carbon fiber is not only the advantages of small density, carbon fiber material has many advantages, its strength and stiffness is superior to the general structure of the material, can play an enhanced role, and the stability of its size, generally not deformation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti aging is the advantages of carbon fiber with.

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