DR flat panel detector is a high resolution X ray imaging device of a multi function, the use of amorphous silicon thin film transistor, photodiode array and high sensitivity CSI scintillator direct growth and other advanced technology, in order to get extraordinary stable image performance. The plate detector made of carbon fiber has gradually been favored by the manufacturers, and we will understand the advantages of some carbon fiber plate detectors.

Since RSNA launched the first flat panel detector in 1995, with the rapid development of flat-panel detector technology in recent years, more and more excellent materials have appeared. Carbon fiber is one of them. The X – ray of carbon fiber has good transmittance, which can help the X ray to penetrate the human body accurately and accurately. After many times conversion, a high clear pattern is presented on the screen. X ray radiography of CFRP is only less than 1.0mmAL of aluminum equivalent, and the plate surface is smooth, light and compressive. It takes the obvious advantage to replace the aluminum alloy plate, and becomes a new choice of the new generation of digital X ray imaging technology.

The traditional plate detectors are divided into amorphous silicon and amorphous selenium. The former has slight scattering effect due to fluorescence conversion. The latter is sensitive to temperature, limited in use conditions and poor in environmental adaptability, and carbon fiber panel detectors can solve these problems well.

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