Natural gas is a clean energy. If natural gas is compressed into high-pressure bottle as a vehicle fuel to replace fuel, it will greatly reduce the environmental pollution. As a vehicle fuel cylinder, it requires safety, reliability and light weight. The light cylinder can increase the driving speed and reduce the fuel cost per unit stroke. The carbon fiber used in the manufacture of compressed natural gas high pressure bottles has certain requirements, not any carbon fiber can be used, and the fine diameter carbon fiber with high strength medium mold is generally used.

The tensile strength of high strength medium modulus carbon fiber is within the range of 4.5-5.5GPa, the tensile modulus is between 305-420GPa, and the elongation at break is 1.45%-1.70%. For high pressure bottles, high strength carbon fibers are needed in order to obtain high filling pressure. In order to obtain rigid pressure vessel, medium modulus carbon fiber must be used to control wall thickness. When the modulus is less than 305GPa, to obtain enough rigidity, it is necessary to increase the winding volume, increase the wall thickness and increase the weight of the container.

Small diameter carbon fiber. Carbon fiber monofilament diameter in 6μ m, best kept at 5μ m, from the current point of view, the company’s production of high strength and high modulus carbon fiber monofilament diameter is about 50.-5.3μ between M, can be used to manufacture CNGV, namely high pressure compressed natural gas bottle. In order to ensure the quality of CNGV, the aluminum liner is overall pressure forming, with seamless tubes without welding, no leakage, and good rigidity, can make the impact of carbon fiber composite material, the outer layer of the small bending deformation, not damage, this is one of the huge market potential of carbon fiber materials.

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