Since the birth of UAV, how to reduce the quality has become one of the hot topics of UAV technology workers. Only when we reduce the quality of UAV’s body and lighten it, can we reduce energy consumption and enhance our endurance. With the excellent performance of carbon fiber composites in more and more fields, it is also considered to be the best choice to reduce the quality of the UAV. The application of carbon fiber composites plays an important role in the lightweight and high performance of UAV.

The carbon fiber composite material is molded by molding technology such as molding, hot pressing, canning and molding. It can meet the customers’ requirements for the overall appearance, reduce the manufacturing cost, reduce the splicing of other components and reduce the quality. Carbon fiber composite material can withstand many kinds of medium’s corrosion and high temperature environment in nature, and meet the needs of UAVs under various environmental conditions, extend service life and reduce maintenance costs. Compared with other metal materials, carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) has low density and high strength. It can achieve lightweight and meet the requirement of strength. It also has great significance for high performance of UAV structure.

Since carbon fiber composites have many advantages in UAV applications, carbon fiber composites have been used in a large number of advanced UAV in recent years.

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