For high-speed rail, we are not unfamiliar. It shortens the distance between regions. China has mastered the core technology of high-speed railway and has a complete set of production technology. Carbon fiber composites, which may not be understood by most people, are a new type of structural material. So what seems to be the connection between the two seemingly unrelated objects? In fact, carbon fiber composites can be used to make a high – iron shell.

High speed rail needs great power. In order to meet the goals of energy saving and safety, the requirement for high-speed rail is light weight and high strength, and the density of carbon fiber composite material is small. The components made of it can reduce self weight and reduce energy consumption. Before the aluminum alloy used to make the car body is because the aluminum alloy has a higher specific strength, but the carbon fiber composite material has much higher strength than the aluminum alloy, and it can improve the overall safety performance.

When the train is running at high speed, it will encounter strong resistance. CFRP can use advanced integrated molding technology to produce the front part that meets the requirements of aerodynamic linetype, and has excellent impact resistance. Even if the train runs at a speed of 300Km/h, it has a good size stability. Carbon fiber also has all the indicators such as fatigue resistance, fire safety and other indicators, which can meet the requirements of high-speed railway. I believe that carbon fiber composite materials will be able to shine in the application of high speed rail.

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