Carbon fiber composite material and titanium alloy as structural material, in many areas have played a very big role, so in the end the performance of carbon fiber composite material and titanium alloy which should be a stroke above? This article will give you a contrast and hope to deepen our understanding of the materials.

First, let’s introduce these two materials. First, carbon fiber composites are made of carbon fiber and resin. They are the most widely used materials in the family of composite materials. Titanium is an important structural metal material developed in 1950s. By 60s, it developed into a titanium alloy used in aviation structure. The following will be a comparison of their performance

First of all, we now know the structure of the pursuit of more lightweight, then lighter materials have been hot pursuit, the label of carbon fiber composite was of low density, the density is only 1.7g/cm3, while the titanium alloy density in 4.51g/cm3, then in terms of weight loss, carbon fiber composite materials to be more suitable. In terms of strength, carbon fiber composite material has excellent mechanical properties, titanium alloy strength is also good, while the titanium alloy as a metal material, the strength is given, the carbon fiber composite materials with different design, it has a very high degree of freedom, for example in the production of carbon fiber plate, reasonable layer according to the direction of the force of it, will be able to play the biggest advantage. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer and titanium alloy have high working temperature and can adapt to the high temperature working environment, and carbon fiber also has the characteristics of flame-retardant and flame retardancy, which ensures the safety in use. The most notable difference between carbon fiber and titanium alloy is their nature. Carbon fiber is non-metallic material, titanium alloy is metal material, so carbon fiber composite material has strong corrosion resistance.

Carbon fiber composites have many excellent properties and are now used in some structural parts, but the cost of carbon fiber is high, so it is not fully popularized.

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