Advanced composite materials have an important role in the design and manufacture of aircraft, because it is two or more than two kinds of composite materials, rather than a general material than higher strength and modulus more resistant to fatigue, strong plasticity, and the carbon fiber composite material is one of the best. Aircraft components are now required to be lightweight, so as to reduce energy consumption, prolong the space for retention, and improve comprehensive performance.

In aircraft, carbon fiber composites are first used in fighter planes. According to reports from abroad, fighter jets can save 1760 dollars for every 1kg of weight reduction. The density of CFRP is only 1.5g/cm^3, which is 1/2 of aluminum and 1/4 of steel. Besides, it has the advantages of high strength, earthquake resistance, good fatigue resistance and overload safety. It can withstand great impact. When a small amount of fiber breaks, the load will be redistributed to the unbroken fiber to ensure safety. At present, western developed countries are working hard to study as much carbon fiber as possible on fighter planes. With the development of science and technology, now, besides military aircraft, civil airliner, model airplane and plant protection machine, carbon fiber composite materials have been used, and the field is expanding from army to civilian market.

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