Industrial robot is a production oriented machine device, which can replace human beings to engage in heavy and single work, help to reduce labor intensity, improve production automation level and production efficiency. Arm is one of the main executive mechanisms of industrial robots. It is also the main load-bearing component of robots. It has a significant impact on the overall performance of robots. There are a lot of aspects to consider in making materials. This paper describes the advantages of carbon fiber mechanical arms.

Carbon fiber composite material, one of the most significant advantages is low density, like some of the items will need to lose weight give priority to the use of carbon fiber composite material to make use of the mechanical arm, and made of carbon fiber composite material also can reduce weight, and carbon fiber composite material also has textile fiber and soft processing, can use the integrated molding process, reduce unnecessary parts, make the operation more flexible.

Carbon fiber composite material has excellent mechanical properties, the mechanical arm is the main component of the robot, so in most cases the mechanical arm bearing force is very large, strength and stiffness ratio and carbon fiber composite material advantages, which determines the bearing capacity of carbon fiber can not be underestimated, and tensile the strength of carbon fiber composite materials reached 3500MPa, much higher than that of other structural materials. Xiaobian believes that the accuracy of operation is also important for the mechanical arm, which will lead to the quality of the final product, the size stability of the carbon fiber composite, and more importantly, no creep can be maintained at a larger temperature difference. Not only that, carbon fiber composites are also resistant to high temperature in the non oxidizing environment, and can also be adapted to a variety of complex working environment.

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