First, the advantages of carbon fiber cloth

1, light weight, easy construction. Do not increase the weight of the basic components, does not change the size of component cross-section.

2, high tensile strength, high elasticity, can be used to obtain the same effect with steel reinforcement.

3, anti-acid corrosion, high durability, can be used in any harsh environment. With the use of structural adhesive, can prevent the infiltration of harmful media, play a protective role of the internal structure;

4, small thickness, easy to overlap overlap. Flexible winding shape, on all types of curved surface, the advantages of special-shaped components to reinforce the more significant.

5, good flexibility, free cutting, suitable for beams, columns, plates, pipes and walls and other shapes and components, can be closely bonded with the reinforced concrete surface, construction quality is easy to guarantee. No large-scale construction equipment, can be lap any extension of the bond, no open flame operation.

6, supporting the superior permeability of epoxy adhesive, convenient construction and shorter duration.

7, environmental pollution, living can still be construction.

8, long storage time, long operation period.

Second, carbon fiber cloth Scope of application:

Carbon fiber cloth and carbon fiber impregnated plastic used as a carbon fiber composite material is suitable for concrete bending, axial compression, large eccentric compression and tension reinforcement, wood structure reinforcement, which can effectively improve the bearing capacity of components, seismic performance And durability. Is an excellent alternative for dealing with the following engineering issues:

1, the use of buildings increased load;

2, the use of functional changes in the project;

3, material aging;

4, concrete strength level lower than the design value;

5, structural crack treatment;

6, harsh environment service components repair, protection.

7, other uses: sporting goods, industrial products and many other fields.

Third, the construction process

1, construction preparation

The construction plan and construction plan shall be drawn up and preparation work before construction shall be made in response to the carbon fiber sheet, supporting resin and machine tools used.

1, the surface treatment of the substrate surface should be fully polished, without any attachments, paste the corners have sharp corners need to be polished into rounded, the minimum diameter of 20 mm. Since the purpose of using carbon fiber cloth is to improve the structure of the structure, the condition of the foundation should be determined so that it can transmit the load from the cloth to the surface of the structure.

2, coated with epoxy resin, and correction of non-co-ordination, ink line.

3, coated with epoxy resin impregnated adhesive surface, the amount of plastic must be full and full.

4, cut the good carbon fiber cloth affixed to the concrete coating surface, carbon fiber cloth to be straight, extension. (Carbon fiber cloth, if joints, lap length should be 20cm, and the joints should be in the full length of the substrate 1/3, not in the middle of the substrate)

5, the use of hard rubber stick or plastic scraper repeated rolling to promote carbon fiber cloth straight, extended, no bubbles, full penetration of the adhesive.

6, again in the cloth surface roll epoxy resin impregnated adhesive to ensure full coverage of the cloth surface, to ensure adequate infiltration of carbon fiber cloth fibers.

7, and finally with 3 – 6mm sand (quartz sand) sprinkled on the construction surface coated with glue to ensure the adhesion of the paint layer.

Fourth, the construction conditions

1, the construction surface should be clean and dry.

2, the construction temperature should theoretically be greater than 5 ℃, less than 40 ℃.

3, it is forbidden to open the construction in rainy day.

4, the relative humidity is greater than 85% or concrete surface condensation occasions, construction is not allowed.

6, Please set up a local exhaust equipment in the workplace. Homework should be protective glasses, protective gloves, dust masks and other protective tools. If sticking to the skin, rinse with soap after using soap. Please do not attach hairiness and debris to sockets and other electrical products as much as possible, and do not allow this product to come into contact with the power supply.

Five, matters needing attention

1: Carbon fiber cloth should be stored in a cool dry place, keep the fabric clean and tidy, to avoid outdoor sun and rain;

2: Carbon fiber cloth is strictly prohibited dust, distortion and bending phenomenon, otherwise it will greatly reduce the intensity;

3: Carbon fiber cloth as conductive material, construction should pay attention to electricity safety.

Six, carbon fiber cloth technical parameters

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