As a necessary material for building, cement is rich in resources in our country. It has low energy consumption, strong applicability and good durability. However, with the need of scientific development, the traditional building cement has a single function, which has long been unable to adapt to the changing demands of the multi-functional officials and the innovation of new technology. Therefore, a high-performance material has been invented. It is a new type of carbon fiber reinforced cement. Next, we will introduce the performance of this carbon fiber cement composite functional material.

1, the new carbon fiber reinforced cement length in 3-10mm, a short fiber or granular, can be used for cement reinforcement, its main advantage is high strength and great toughness, especially in flexural strength is greatly improved, which overcomes the brittleness of cement, tensile stress of the fatal weakness reinforced cement prepared concrete with carbon fiber 3-10mm, the flexural strength of the tensile and flexural strength increased by 5-6 times, 5-6 times, 30 times to improve the flexural toughness, extension ability increased to 50-60 times, but not as a general concrete cracking phenomenon that.

2, familiar with the carbon fiber friends should know that the carbon fiber is a conductor, therefore may worry about carbon fiber cement is also conductive, via Wuxi (RSN) new Mstar Technology Ltd reminds us of carbon fiber cement composite material, cement materials (i.e. hardened cement paste) is not conductive, it the volume resistivity of 10^9Ω · cm, according to the characteristics of cement, is currently not possible with a small amount of doping type structure method for conductive cement materials. The technical route of preparing cement-based conductive materials is the combination of multi-phase materials. The carbon fiber is mixed and dispersed evenly in cement, so that a new type of carbon fiber conductive material with good comprehensive properties and high conductivity can be obtained.

3. Carbon fiber cement is used as a kind of shielding electromagnetic wave material. In Japan, the use of carbon fiber woven cloth with good conductive properties of composite cement, in some high-rise building engineering is widely used, it not only has the characteristics of lightweight and high strength, but also have shockproof, anti magnetic interference and a series of excellent performance.

Carbon fiber is a high performance material for future social requirements because of its excellent performance. The composite of carbon fiber and cement is a technical innovation for the traditional cement materials, and is a new type of material adapted to the development and application of modern engineering.

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