Carbon fiber is a very popular material, light weight, density and plastic almost only 1.8g/ cubic centimeters, the strength is high, more than 3000MPa in other ways, for example, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance is also very good, can be made into a variety of products. Because its surface lines are very beautiful, carbon fiber cloth is sometimes coated on the surface of other materials made into carbon – coated products.

The process of carbon – coated products:

1, the first is the proportion of resin, this step is very critical, will directly affect the final effect of the product.

2. Coating the resin onto the surface of the product, coated with carbon fiber cloth, and then coated with a layer of resin. A few layers of carbon cloth can be added as required.

3, when the resin is dried, it will be smoothed and polished with coarse and fine abrasive paper. The product is smooth without pits. If the surface is not bright enough, it can also be painted with a layer of paint.

The biggest feature of carbon coated products is the beautiful appearance. The black knitted fabric shows different colors under the light. It looks elegant, generous, solemn and fashionable. Some people will use the market like carbon fiber texture stickers coating on the surface of the product, via Xiaobian tell you that there is a world of difference of carbon fiber and the actual effect of these stickers, the appearance is not enough real and is no protective effect, it is easy to damage.

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