Carbon fiber can be used in aerospace, sports goods, automobile manufacturing and other industries, making cars, aircraft, sports equipment and so on. But you haven’t heard of carbon fiber bags. As a kind of fiber material of carbon fiber, carbon fiber cloth can be woven into the use of natural, can also be made into a bag. Carbon fiber package, inherit the excellent performance of carbon fiber, both the flexibility of the fiber, and the strength of the composite material, the following is to be told in detail.

To mention Louis Weedon, everyone’s reaction must be a luxury and a big brand. As a luxury brand leading the fashion trend, it has introduced a set of carbon fiber bags. It is said that this package is tailored for the BMW I8, it includes a total of two bags of different sizes, a briefcase and a suit kit. Black in addition to highlight the noble quality, elegant and dignified, not frivolous feeling. Luggage and bags are for long distance travel. Carbon fiber material has high strength, good toughness, stable chemical performance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and clean-up. It is also not easy to damage, and has long service life. The world famous automobile manufacturing company, Lamborghini attaches great importance to the use of carbon fiber, not only in the car, but also use it to manufacture carbon fiber bag. This kind of carbon fiber newspaper is also the nature of the travel bag, pure handmade boutique, the price is about 2000 dollars.

The use of canvas bags, leather bags, the use of carbon fiber bags to make sure it is another flavor. But so far, only these big manufacturers produce carbon fiber bags, these bags can not be bought at random in the market, need to order. The price of carbon fiber is more expensive, the cost of making carbon fiber package is high, the average person will not buy it, so the market is smaller. But this does not impede its development, and in the future, carbon fiber bags will be popular.

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