The bike because of the advantages of convenient use, low cost and so deeply loved by people around the world, with the rapid development of modern society, bicycle is not only a means of transport, it has a fitness, tourism, competition effect, so the bicycle to a new high performance material to reflect its convenience. Carbon fiber — — this is known as the king of &rdquo “ new materials; manufacturing new materials has been applied to the bicycle frame, and in the face of market turmoil, the user does not know how to choose it, today to introduce the carbon fiber bicycle frame forming process.

The molding process is the key link of carbon fiber products. The selection of molding process depends on the shape, physical properties and use of the products. The bicycle frame is 3D free surface, therefore can not be used in winding and weaving method and pultrusion method, vacuum assisted RTM process is the main forming process of carbon fiber bicycle frame, manufacturing device is composed of resin, injection molding, vacuum pumping equipment three components.

The frame RTM method can realize the complex shape of an integral molding, thereby simplifying the structure of the frame, and reduces the number of parts and connecting parts of the frame, so it can effectively reduce the weight of frame, reduce consumption and improve process performance of the frame structure.

The free morphology of carbon fiber made by vacuum assisted RTM process has good fiber infiltration, high interlayer binding force and good mechanical properties. The process is simple, avoiding the intermediate part of prepreg. Low pressure glue injection saves the cost of additional equipment, closed mold operation, clean operation environment, easy to realize automation and good surface quality.

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