Carbon fiber is known as black gold in the industry. It is difficult to manufacture and has high practical value. It is not only stronger than steel, but also has low density and corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Carbon fiber composites can be obtained by the fusion of carbon fiber and resin and other matrix materials. Carbon fiber composites have been widely used in many fields. In this paper, we mainly understand how carbon fiber is favored by the military field.
In order to solve the high temperature resistance of the missile nozzle, the first appearance was the adhesive based carbon fiber, and then the polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber appeared. Carbon fiber appears to be simpler and more finer than hair, but its manufacturing technology is very complex. It involves many disciplines. Operation errors will affect the quality and performance of carbon fiber, and not be produced by simple technology. And the various technological parameters of each order are difficult to control, so only a few countries are now able to master the advanced carbon fiber production process.
Especially for some fighters, there are more carbon fiber composites. F-35 fighters failed to achieve flight because they were overweight. At last, more than 35% carbon fiber composites were applied on the whole aircraft, thus reducing the weight of the whole machine. Weight loss in the space field is particularly important. Studies have shown that the mass of solid rocket engines can be increased by one kilometer for each reduction of 1KG. In order to meet the needs of China’s national defense construction and development, carbon fiber and its composite materials have been listed as a national key support project.


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