As we all know, carbon fiber is a very excellent reinforcing material. It has many advantages such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and light weight. It can be used to reinforce buildings, enhance the strength and tensile strength of buildings, and extend the service life. Carbon fiber materials are usually used after a decrease in the building performance, so can carbon fiber be directly added to the building?

In 2008, China experienced a great disaster, the Wenchuan earthquake. The impact of the quake is unprecedented, the destruction of houses, bridges collapsed, people lost their homes, displaced. Collapsed buildings are made of wood or reinforced concrete. They are generally considered the most solid building materials nowadays, but they are still vulnerable to earthquakes. If the carbon fiber is used to make a house, the effect should be quite different. Carbon fibers can be used not only in small objects such as eyeglasses, bicycle frames, and racquets, but also in large areas, scientists say. Carbon fiber has an unparalleled strength and hardness, but the weight is very light, so it can’t be compared with concrete.

The United States is a tornado, with a tornado of varying intensity almost every day. Under the action of a tornado, the car’s house was overturned and the trees were uprooted. It is like the earthquake and tsunami of these natural disasters, when people did not react in a hurry struck, leaving devastated.

It takes a long time to build a home, and destruction is often an instant. If we can use carbon fiber to make houses, we can not resist all natural disasters, but some small tornadoes and series are not very high earthquakes. It will be a great gospel for people, especially in the areas of frequent natural disasters, if they can be popularized.

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