The key to the construction of carbon fiber composites is to develop an effective connection method. The quality advantages of carbon fiber composite products are often greatly reduced because of the connection. Therefore, we should consider minimizing the number of connections and designing these connections to be efficient. At present, there are three ways to connect and connect carbon fiber composite products, including mechanical connection, adhesive bonding and hybrid connection. This article will analyze the bonding process of carbon fiber composite products.

The bonding process consists of four steps: surface treatment, adhesive coating, heating and compression, and curing.

Surface treatment: This is a very important step. First, we need to remove stains such as dust and grease from carbon fiber composite products, ensure that the connection parts are clean and filth free, and then improve the roughness and surface area through surface erosion. If necessary, the surface of carbon fiber composite products can be chemically treated to increase its performance.

Adhesive coating: apply the sticky agent to the carbon fiber composite product connection part, and only one component can be applied, and two components can also be painted.

Heating and pressurizing: in order to make the glue flow and infiltrate completely, heating and pressing of carbon fiber composite products often can reduce the viscosity of the glue, and heating can make glue flow. Both of them can be used at the same time to achieve the goal quickly.

Curing: the curing of thermosetting adhesive can form adhesive strength. According to the different applications and adhesive types, curing can be done at room temperature or high temperature. Fast curing adhesives can also be used when the production cycle or high temperature placement time needs to be minimized.

The bonding strength is closely related to the properties of the material and the bonding process. In order to produce high quality carbon fiber composite products, every step can not be relaxed.

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