The drive shaft is an important part of the machine tool equipment, which is used to transfer the power source to the actuator. The transmission shaft of small and medium-sized machinery used in ordinary steel manufacturing can, requirements for large mechanical materials is high, flexural capacity, strength, rotation accuracy must meet certain requirements, the strength of the metal is high, but high density, when processing, installation and debugging of the drive shaft will become very difficult, if the use of carbon fiber materials in place, will get very good effect.

Carbon fiber material has the advantages of light weight, high strength, strong design, shock absorption, anti falling, high temperature resistance and friction resistance. Compared with traditional metal materials, carbon fiber material has low noise, low vibration amplitude, light weight, no rust, no corrosion, easy maintenance and energy saving.

The drive shaft rotates continuously while working, and friction with other components, so the resistance to friction must be better to use for a long time. The friction resistance of carbon fiber is not lost to metal, and it can be replaced completely. On the top of the weight, the machinery nowadays is developing towards lightweight. The density of carbon fiber is only 1.8g/cm^3, which is 1/4 of steel. It is very light. It saves energy and is convenient to replace. The water contact in the metal and the air is easy to oxidize and rust, and it needs to be maintained regularly. The carbon fiber will not worry about it.

Carbon fiber shaft has many advantages, and it has begun to replace metal on the machine.

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