Speaking of material, seem quite complicated, we experienced the stone age, the bronze age and the iron age, is inseparable from the development and material of human beings, a good material for the structure, characteristics of deformation usually has high strength, small volume, light weight, and a carbon fiber composite material, but also brought mankind into a new era of material.

Carbon fiber is a kind of fibrous carbon material whose carbon content accounts for over 90% of total carbon. Carbon fiber composite is made of carbon fiber and resin, metal and ceramic matrix materials. Is a kind of common carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composite material, the ratio of strength and modulus of the comprehensive index of the existing structure of materials is the highest, moreover, its density is about 1.6g/cm3, we do not know the carbon dissolved in various solvents, and in the air the inert environment, nor in high temperature under the condition of melting.

The use of carbon fiber can be traced back to 1880, Edison proposed the use of carbon fiber as the lamp filament, and later because of tungsten wire instead of making the application of carbon fiber from then on, settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, for the development of carbon fiber and its composite long-term stagnation. Later during World War II, carbon fibers were reattached to the search for structural materials suitable for military purposes. China’s carbon fiber production is also lagging behind the US, Japan and other countries. The United States produced T800 carbon fiber in the early 1985, while China’s T800 grade carbon fiber has been produced in the past two years, and the quality is unstable, and the rate of rejection is high.

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