As a new material, carbon fiber has been widely used in various aspects. With the progress of the times, people have increased the demand for materials, and are committed to developing carbon fibers with more powerful functions, simpler manufacturing methods and cheaper prices. This article tells you about the application of carbon fiber materials.

The production, manufacture of carbon fiber material is not melt polymer, or by chemical treatment after infusible polymer fiber. These polymers are converted into carbon fibers by means of oxidation and carbonization. The diameter of carbon fiber monofilament is generally 5~8 microns in different grades, and can bend through a smaller radius. Its surface state is different from that of raw materials. For example, the surface of polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber precursor is smooth and the section is circular. Cellulose has obvious narrow stripes along the fiber length direction, and the section is toothed. In terms of performance, the carbon fibers produced now have excellent properties. The weight is light and has great rigidity and strength. These properties can be kept above 2000 degrees C, and then the mechanical strength will decrease. The thermal conductivity of carbon fiber along the direction of fiber axis is 40 thousand Ka / m · at · C, the conductivity is 3 ohm · mm ^2/ m. Its friction coefficient is especially small, especially when compared with the metal.

Now the carbon fiber material, generally do not use alone, but with resin, ceramics and other composite materials, then processed into the required products. The most used is carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composite, accounting for about 90%. The carbon fiber precursor is woven into cloth prepreg resin and then put into the mold to solidify into various shapes. With the improvement of technology, the use of carbon fiber will continue to expand.

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