With the rapid increase of vehicle consumption and the demand for low-carbon life, the new generation of automobiles must have the characteristics of energy saving and consumption reduction, and the most effective way to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction is lightweight. Compared with traditional metal materials, carbon fiber has the advantages of light weight, high strength, density of 1.7g/cm^3 and tensile strength of 3400MPa. It has broad prospects in the manufacture of automobile parts.

Carbon fiber is a fibrous carbon material, plastic and strong, can be formed into a whole structural component, reducing the process. For example, the car seat, the use of steel manufacturing to weld 50~60 components, the use of carbon fiber manufacturing without welding, greatly shorten the processing time, improve efficiency. In the use of automobile parts, the corrosion of chemical agents such as oil, transmission fluid and other chemical agents, as well as the harsh environment of high temperature, cold, salt fog and so on. Carbon fiber is high temperature resistant, wear-resistant and not rusty. It can be used in all kinds of environment and quality assurance. As for the safety issues of the user’s most concern, carbon fibers can absorb most of the force and break down to ensure the safety of the passengers when they are subjected to a strong impact.

Carbon fiber materials have been seen in some of the leading car brands, such as the BMW I series, and the Benz Corp’s SLR Mclaren. But their prices are more expensive, and the ordinary people can’t afford it. But this can not affect people’s love for this new material. People with strong ability will choose to buy carbon cloth and resin to wrap it up in person. Others will choose to buy some finished carbon fiber and auto refitted parts to decorate the car.

Carbon fiber vehicle has excellent performance and fashionable appearance. It is very popular with people and has a wide application prospect.

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