At present, the most common use is the LED bulb of the aluminum alloy radiator. In order to ensure that the radiator can have enough large heat dissipation area, the LED light source will generally be welded to the top of the bulb, and the limitation of its luminous angle is very large. The excellent thermal conductivity of the structure of the porous hollow fiber makes the heat dissipation of the carbon fiber material is obviously superior to the heat dissipation of the aluminum alloy. Next for you to explain in detail.

Under the same heat dissipation effect, the carbon fiber radiator can effectively reduce the volume of its own, and will not prevent the light angle of the LED lamp. Besides, the LED light source can also be welded to the circumference of the radiator side, so that the bulb can be 360&deg like the energy saving lamp or the incandescent lamp. The lighting can make users feel harmonious and comfortable.

With the continuous improvement of semiconductor solid-state light source technology, the LED luminescence efficiency is also steadily improving, and the application of LED lighting products is becoming more and more widely. But how to better design the way of heat dissipation and heat transfer in all aspects of encapsulation, chip, metal substrate and system modules is still a bottleneck that hinder the development of LED technology. In order to get the LED source control node in a relatively low level, to optimize the structure, improvement of material and technology, by each LED chip can take full use of the deformation of carbon fiber material, high thermal conductivity and shrinkage of good character, in order to effectively control the temperature rise of LED products

At present, some domestic manufacturers have done a lot of research and Exploration on the application of carbon fiber materials in LED lamps, especially in the high-power and ultra high power LED lamps and lanterns. The research shows that the carbon fiber material with high thermal conductivity properties, not only very suitable into the radiator and the substrate, but also bearing LED chip substrate and heat sink with heat pad and the substrate, which can greatly improve the traditional thermal grease and low thermal conductivity and easy dry defects. Besides, because the radiation cooling effect of carbon fiber cluster material (blackbody) is excellent, carbon fiber material can also be used for coating, and it can be applied to the surface of radiator, which can effectively radiate heat.

Has a good anti fatigue fracture structure, good stability, good design, excellent performance than carbon fiber material height and large area overall forming, with the costs of reducing price times, the application scope will be from the military and aerospace fields to the field of civil and industrial carbon broadening gradually. In high power fiber technology than the popularization and application of LED lamp towel will further promote the development of LED lighting industry.

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