Carbon fiber is made from polyacrylonitrile fiber, asphalt fiber and viscose fiber at high temperature, which is pre oxidized, carbonized and graphitized. It has excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal properties, and it can be designed strongly. It is often used to make composite materials with resin matrix. It has a variety of specifications, different types of specific characteristics, the use of the field is not the same, this article to explain to you.

T300: This is the earliest model, with more than 30 years of production history and more than 20 years of application history, until now it is still in great use. Its composite material has balanced performance and good quality consistency. Its application fields include aerospace, sports goods, furniture and building materials, machinery manufacturing, medical devices, auto parts and so on. The specifications of the tow are 1K, 3k, 6K and 12K.

T700S: it is the standard high modulus carbon fiber, has excellent process of fiber winding, and woven prepreg, high tensile strength for all kinds of industrial and leisure products, including pressure vessels (such as gas bottles, oxygen bottles), tow specifications are 6K, 12K and 24k.

T700G: the tensile modulus and adhesion properties are superior to T700S, and its application range includes aircraft and high-end sports equipment that require excellent composite properties.

T800H: high strength medium modulus carbon fiber, which is used to meet the requirement of aircraft weight loss, is mainly used for civil aircraft, such as droop and horizontal stabilizer, and the specifications of tow are 6K and 12K.

M40J: at present, the highest modulus of carbon fiber, stiffness and thermal expansion coefficient is very good, can be applied to spaceship, advanced sports equipment and industrial roller.

Carbon fiber materials are still in constant research and development, and we believe that more models will be used later.

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