Carbon fiber and phenolic resin composite products have the best heat resistance, which can be used as the heat proof layer of the outer space of the spacecraft. The epoxy composite has high strength and is used as a bearing member. At present, China has developed or used carbon fiber resin composites. Aircraft engine fan blades, inlet side panels, hatch covers, vertical tail, horizontal tail, helicopter rotor, satellite shell, solar cell substrate, antenna bracket, etc.

At present, the aircraft is at the farthest point of flying 2*10^4 kilometers. If the weight of the machine is reduced by half with a large amount of composite materials, the same fuel can be used to keep the plane around the earth for a week. The largest transport aircraft in the world now weighs more than 240 tons and carries only 160 tons of weight. If the weight of the aircraft is reduced by half, the load can be doubled by the same fuel. By reducing the weight of one kilogram, the cost of fuel can be saved by a few million yuan.

The radar antenna on the spacecraft is the clear eye of the aircraft. Although the structure of the supporting antenna is subjected to various complex mechanical forces and the thermal stress of the solar radiation, the deformation must be less than 1/10000. This has only a high modulus of graphite fiber composites to meet the requirements.

In 1983 1982, two flight “ Columbia ” Yao Airlines plane huge remote manipulator to cosmic fragments of violent shocks, but require a high specific stiffness and radiation resistance properties. The manipulator and the total weight of 410 kg, accounting for 86% of the total length of Jubi is made of carbon fiber composite materials, weight only 48 kg, which is beyond the reach of any material.

Using carbon fiber composites to make helicopter blades and blades with high anti fatigue properties, their life span is more than that of metal paddles and Ye Gaosan. The electric properties of carbon fiber, made of some parts of the airplane, electricity generated heat can be produced when the ice melted the high-altitude flight.

Ford, the United States, has planned to make many parts of the car with carbon fiber resin composite. In this way, the weight of the car is expected to be reduced by 700 kilograms, and a bit of material is saved accordingly. Taking the machine leather as an example, carbon fiber composites are used instead of steel and aluminum alloy. The energy consumption is only 1/3 or 1/2. Using carbon fiber to make a whole car shell, as long as both people can lift it without any effort.

In the mechanical industry, carbon fiber resin composite material can be made of male bearing, gear, sealing ring, gasket and centrifuge main components, reflector retaining rings and communication system of large power generator of the bearing seal, brake pad, grinding machine for grinding head, gear rotary tool etc.. In chemical industry, carbon fiber and resin composite materials can be used to make spinning cans for viscose filament forming in pipes and textiles, rotary plates for sucking and abrasion liquids, screw pumps, electric filters used in sulfuric acid production, and components for viscose fiber production equipment.

In medical materials, carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites can make artificial heart valves, artificial joints, etc., which can resist the corrosion of organic compounds in human body and the affinity of human muscle tissue is good and light. Carbon fiber resin composites have good molding process and integrity. Such as the molding of gear, hand assisted lamination method to manufacture the car shell, aircraft wing, fuselage and other large parts.

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