Carbon fiber is a high performance composite material with carbon content higher than 90%. It is made of organic fiber at high temperature. It has many advantages such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, low thermal expansion coefficient and high penetration of X ray. As an excellent material, carbon fiber has both the inherent properties of carbon materials and the softness of textile fibers. It has been widely applied in many fields. This article will talk about the application of carbon fiber in different fields.

The field of aviation is one of the main applications of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is light in weight, good in thermal conductivity and stable in size, and can be used on the shell of a satellite and rocket engine. It can reduce the impact of foreign resistance on these spaceships and increase the success rate of launch.

In recent years, with the continuous reduction in the use of carbon fiber in the field of aerospace and aviation, it has been promising in industry. The industrial infrastructure, oil and gas mining, pressure vessels, transportation pipes and so on can be made with carbon fiber. European and American countries and Japan are in the leading position in the field of production and development. Just as the carbon fiber used in molding is 2700t, we can see how wide the market is.

In the field of sporting goods, carbon fiber also occupies an important position. China’s carbon fiber sporting goods consumption is very large. Now, high-end bicycles, fishing rods, baseball clubs, golf clubs and so on are made of carbon fiber materials. As early as 2002, the carbon fiber used in this area was up to 4990t., and now it has doubled.

In addition to the above areas, carbon fiber materials are also used in medical instruments, textile machinery, building materials and so on. As carbon fiber is becoming more and more widely used, it is also expanding in the market. Now it is a typical representative of new high-tech materials, and plays an important role in the development of the country and the improvement of the economy.

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