Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), as a new type of structural material, has been applied in many fields and played a great role in many new fields.

1, the application of carbon fiber in unmanned aerial vehicle

As a high-tech product, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a painstaking effort to make material. No matter what aircraft it is, the first thing to consider is to reduce weight. The less the material is, the better it is to make the unmanned aerial vehicle. But the problem is solved, and it is worried that the strength of the material is not high, and it can not guarantee the safety. It seems that the materials which are light and high quality can’t be used together. Actually carbon fiber composite material solves this problem. The carbon fiber density is only 1.7g/cm3, and the strength is the highest in the existing structural materials. Carbon fiber is such a lightweight and high-strength material. Therefore, carbon fiber composites are the best choice for unmanned aerial vehicles.

2. The application of carbon fiber to medical instruments

Medical care can be said to be a special field. How can carbon fiber be linked to this? The medical board for radiation can be made with carbon fiber. The X – ray transmission of carbon fiber is excellent. It can not produce refraction on the panel at any angle. It reduces the damage to diagnosis and treatment by X rays. Carbon fiber has excellent load-bearing properties, and it can also be firmly supported for the heavier quality of diagnosis and treatment. It will not generate permanent deformation and work steadily for a long time. And the CT head, the foot board can be made of carbon fiber material.

3. The application of carbon fiber to the manipulator

The mechanical arm is an important component of the work, need a good carrying capacity, carbon fiber specific strength and stiffness in the existing structure of materials is prominent, the two determines the bearing capacity of carbon fiber and carbon fiber material, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, not because of temperature change and deformation, guarantee the mechanical arm of the operation precision of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber arm is light in quality, compact and compact in structure and flexible in operation.

4. Carbon fiber is used as a power battery box

The power battery provides power for the whole structure, and the cabinet plays a protective role, so it is of great responsibility and high requirements for making material. Because its location is easily eroded and attacked by &ldquo. The location of attack &rdquo, rainwater, mud and other corrosive liquids will contact with it, and there will often be impact of stones. The corrosion resistance of carbon fiber is outstanding, and it will not work for these corrosion. The strength of carbon fiber is bigger than that of steel. Therefore, such small stones can not be a threat to them.

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