T300 carbon fiber / resin matrix composites have been widely used as structural materials on aircraft. At present, 30% of high strength medium modulus carbon fiber T800H fiber with tensile strength of 5.5GPa and 30% of fracture strain is higher than that of carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites are important materials for the production of weapons and equipment. On fighter planes and helicopters, CFRP is applied to special functional components of main structure, sub structure parts and special parts of fighter planes. The carbon fiber / epoxy and carbon fiber / double horse composite materials have been applied to the aircraft fuselage, the main wing, the vertical tail wing, the flat tail wing and the skin. The anti fatigue, corrosion resistance and other properties are improved. The data show that the precursor of the composite structure can be reduced by 31.5% and less than the metal structure. Parts 61.5%, reduce fastener 61.3%; composite vertical stabilizer can reduce the mass of 32.24%. The structural weight coefficient of the fourth generation military aircraft has been measured by the structural weight coefficient, which is an important index of the tactical and technical performance of the military aircraft. The structural weight coefficient of the 27 generation military aircraft has reached 27 to 28%. In the future, the demand ratio of composite materials for F-22 is about 35%, and carbon fiber composites will become the main material. Some light-duty aircraft and pilotless aircraft have achieved structural composites. At present, T300 and T700 grade small tow carbon fiber reinforced composites are mainly used.
In the civil field, 555 of the world’s largest aircraft A380, due to the large use of CFRP, has created a miracle in the history of flight. The 25% weight components of the aircraft are made of composite materials, of which 22% are carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), and 3% for the first time for civil aircraft, the GLARE fiber metal plate (the layered structure of aluminum alloy and glass fiber super hybrid composites). These components include: deceleration plate, vertical and horizontal stabilizer (used as oil tank), rudder, elevator, aileron, flap spoiler, landing gear door, fairing, vertical tail box, rudder, elevator, upper cabin floor beam, rear seal frame, rear pressure tank, rear fuselage, horizontal tail wing, and aileron. Manufacture。 Following the challenge of A340 on carbon fiber keel beam and composite rear seal frame – composite material used in airtight airtight zones of aircraft, A380 launched a successful challenge to the restricted area of wing and body structure wing. This alone is 1.5 tons lighter than the most advanced aluminum alloy material. Due to the obvious weight loss of CFRP, it will not be damaged by fatigue or corrosion during use. As a result, fuel consumption and emissions are reduced, the fuel economy is about 13% lower than that of its direct competitive model, and the operating cost is reduced. The cost of the seat mile is lower than the current efficiency of the highest efficiency aircraft, and it becomes the first passenger aircraft with less than three liters of oil per hundred kilometers per passenger.

The advanced composite materials, typical of high performance carbon (graphite) fiber composites as structural, functional or structural / functional integrated component materials, are also playing an irreplaceable role in missiles, launch vehicles and satellite vehicles. Its application level and scale have been related to the success and failure of weaponry upgrading and model development. The development of CFRP has promoted the development of aerospace technology. Carbon fiber composites are mainly used in missile warhead, projectile body and engine shell structure components and satellite main structure bearing parts. Carbon carbon carbon / carbon / phenolic aldehyde is the end of projectile head, engine nozzle throat lining and ablative components, and it has matured on the strategic missiles of American dwarf, civilian and Trident. The solid engine shells of the United States, Japan and France are mainly used in carbon fiber composites, such as the Trident -2 missile, the battle axe cruise missile, the 4 rocket, the 2 rocket remodel of the Ariane in France, the Japanese M-5 rocket and so on, which make the largest amount of the US Chris company. The IM-7 carbon fiber with tensile strength of 5.3GPa is produced, the highest performance is Dongli T-800 fiber, tensile strength 5.65Gpa and young modulus 300GPa. Since the production of viscose primitives is exacerbated by the financial and environmental crisis, the source of spaceborne viscose carbon materials has been a very difficult problem for us and Western European armaments. Five years ago, the French SAFRAN company and the United States WaterburyFiberCote Industries company developed a new cellulose carbon cloth named RaycarbC2TM with a full source of non spaceflight viscose raw silk raw materials, and has withstood the full qualification test, including the processing, thermal / structural properties and flame scour test of the US Army, in the solid. All the static tests of the engine proved that the substitute was qualified. In November 2004, the carbon / phenolic compound had been successfully used on Arianna V Flight164.

High modulus carbon fiber is lightweight, rigid, dimensional stability and thermal conductivity, so it has been applied to satellite structures, solar panels and antennas for a long time. Nowadays, the expanded solar panels on the satellite are mostly made of carbon fiber composites, and carbon fiber composites are often used as the main materials for some key components in the space station and the shuttle transportation system.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites are used as space shuttle hatches, mechanical arms and pressure vessels. The hot wa of the US space shuttle Discovery is crucial to ensure that it can safely repeat itself. There are 8 types: low temperature repeated use of surface insulation material LRSI; high temperature repeated use of surface insulation material HRSI; flexible reusable surface insulation material FRSI; advanced flexible duplication

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