Carbon fiber composite materials in lightweighting, improved vehicle strength play a very big advantage, by car manufacturers like, but because of its high cost, so it is not entirely popular in all models, then the carbon fiber composite material has the advantages of what, in the car used in what structure? This article will give an introduction to you.

First of all to introduce the advantages of carbon fiber applications in the automotive, energy saving and environmental protection more and more attention, and the first to realize the lightweight structure, the density of carbon fiber composite material is about 1.7g/cm3, less than most of the structural materials. The second advantage is that the carbon fiber body has good safety. The tensile strength of the carbon fiber composite material is above 3000MPa, which is several times that of the ordinary steel. The impact deformation is small, and the energy absorption rate of the carbon fiber composite material is large, which can effectively improve the passive safety of vehicle. Another is durability. Carbon fiber is a non-metallic material, regardless of its corrosion resistance, weatherability and aging resistance. It is excellent and has long service life.

At present, carbon fiber composites have been used in the car body and parts, such as body and interior decoration. Carbon fiber is the lightest material to make car body. Making body with carbon fiber composite material can reduce the body weight by 30%-50%. Currently, cars usually use carbon fiber to make body, and BMW I3 all carbon fiber cabin. It is reported that the weight loss effect is 50%. Then is the carbon fiber application in automobile hub, hub is one of the most important parts of the automobile driving safety, mechanical properties of carbon fiber composite is outstanding, high temperature resistance, anti fatigue, can completely replace the metal materials, the quality of the lightweight carbon fiber wheels, the inertia decreases, the vehicle can quickly start and stop, the new Ford Shelby GT350R is a generation Mustang equipped with carbon fiber wheels. The transmission shaft is also an important part of the automobile structure. Instead of the traditional steel transmission shaft shell, carbon fiber is used to lighten the weight of 40%-50%. In addition, carbon fiber is also applied in the brake pad and the interior trim parts, which has played an effective role.

Carbon fiber composites have great potential for automotive lightweight, and carbon fiber will be widely used in the future.


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