Active carbon fiber has a series of advantages, such as easy treatment, not easy to powder, and high adsorption efficiency. Its surface area is large. According to the research data, the surface quality of 1G can reach 1200-1300m2 or even larger. Therefore, it is used as an adsorbent material for solvent recovery, air purification, and industrial sewage, drinking water, ultra pure water and other water treatment. Next, give you a brief introduction of the application of active carbon fiber.

1, active carbon fibers can adsorb a variety of chemicals. In recent years, water pollution caused by industrial development is becoming more and more serious. Activated carbon fiber has good adsorption capacity for such water bodies, which can effectively purify water quality and remove odor in water. In the small water purifier, the active carbon fiber is also added to the silver, which has a certain antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

2. The active carbon fiber can also be used in the electronic field. It’s not only the electrical conductivity, but also its large surface area, which is made of small capacitance and high capacitance. It is used in electronic devices that use integrated circuits or large scale integrated circuits.

3. The application of active carbon fiber in medical treatment. In the long-term preservation of the blood, platelet and white blood cells in the blood and is easy to block the histamine and serotonin increases, the body is of great harm, therefore need to avoid clogging by activated carbon fiber before blood transfusion, to seek effective adsorption of histamine.

4. The application of active carbon fiber in atomic energy absorption. There are radioactive substances in atomic power stations, such as rare gases, xenon and krypton, and radioactive iodine emitted by accidents, so they can be captured by activated carbon fiber. In addition, the addition of potassium iodide to active carbon fiber can also remove iodine from the radioactive gas.

Of course, the role of activated carbon fiber is not only mentioned above, but also has excellent performance in biochemical protection, ozone removal, liquid decolorization and food industry.

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