With the continuous progress of medical technology, medical equipment is constantly innovating and developing. High precision technology is used in medical equipment, and the requirements for the products are very high. Carbon fiber composites are becoming more and more widely used in medical equipment because of their light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and high penetration rate. Many medical device manufacturers are eager to improve the quality of products through the application of carbon fiber materials, but they are not clear about the carbon fiber composites. Next, the Shandong British force new material will explain the advantages of CFRP in medical equipment.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is a new material which is made up of resin and carbon fiber. The material is of low density and excellent mechanical properties. The specific weight of carbon fiber material is less than 1/4 of steel, but its tensile strength is 7~9 times of steel, high modulus, and the best properties of impact resistance are the best alternative upgrading materials in the manufacture of medical equipment. In addition, the deployment of resins and the diversity of carbon fiber laying methods bring great flexibility to the design of equipment.

At present, the application of carbon fiber composites in the radiological equipment is more common. In the past, the ratio of X ray transmission rate of carbon fiber is much higher than that of the weight reduction equipment. The material has good image effect, strong fatigue resistance, and better life cycle and safety of the equipment. At present, carbon fiber material boards are widely used in medical beds and medical CT beds. In addition, because of its strength advantages, carbon fiber composite materials are also widely used in bearing parts such as radiotherapy positioning frame and head support.

Hospitals in our country have high frequency of application in radiographic examination, reaching more than 200 million times a year. The X ray inspection machines and CT machines are overloaded every day in the major hospitals. Other materials are difficult to withstand such high frequent use. Carbon fiber composites have high fatigue resistance and can be used in such equipment. The service life and safety of the products are greatly improved.

The manufacturing process of carbon fiber has three kinds of vacuum hot pressing mode, molding molding and hot pressing tank mode. Foreign manufacturers such as SIEMENS and PHILPS changed their carbon fiber to medical equipment very early. At present, the domestic carbon fiber manufacturers are different, and the scale difference is large. When the medical equipment companies make the product customization, we should carefully inspect the enterprise qualification to ensure the safety and quality of the products.

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