If you are in contact with carbon fiber, it is usually difficult to understand its performance, and it will be a mysterious material. This article will take you to understand this material, more people pay attention to this kind of material, its application will be more extensive.

Metal, no matter which direction is applied to it, the reaction is the same. It is called the same same-sex material. Carbon fiber and metal are very different. It has a strong direction of resistance and is called all kinds of heterosexual materials. As a typical example, carbon fiber unidirectional cloth is especially high in the direction parallel to the fiber, and there is no strength in other directions. So, when using this material, we should pay attention to the direction of its force.

In addition to the characteristics of the opposite sex, carbon fiber has many advantages, including light weight, chemical resistance, high transmittance of X ray, good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, radiation protection, weathering and long service life.

We usually do not use carbon fiber alone, but use it with resin, ceramics, metal and so on. Among them, carbon fiber resin composites are the most used. Some properties, such as strength, rigidity and thermal expansion coefficient, will be changed by changing resin content, fiber content, resin type, resin concentration and dipping process. To master this law, it can be produced according to demand.

At present, the production technology of carbon fiber precursor is only a few companies.

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