As a new material, carbon fiber composites are widely used in structural and functional parts because of their unique mechanical and thermal properties. Its processing and forming methods are various, and drilling is the most widely used. This article will analyze the drilling process of carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

Using standard twist drill to drill carbon fiber composite material, the front angle of every point on twist drill is changed. From the most point to the cross edge of the main cutting edge, the front angle changes from the forward angle to the negative front angle, and the negative front angle reaches the maximum at the cross edge. The low line speed of bit edge can not play the role of cutting. It is mainly pushed on the carbon fiber composite material to cause deformation. When the deformation reaches a certain level, the material breaks and separates.

The cutting edge of negative rake angle and the horizontal edge part of the force of carbon fiber composite material is divided into two directions: one is the force along the direction of the cutting speed is two F1 force, vertical force F2, wherein F1 is small, F2 accounted for the major part, have pushed down the role of the workpiece, is the main source of drilling the cutting force, but also the leading cause of cutting produced defects such as delamination and split. The main cutting edge of the forward rake part plays the role of reseating material, and produces two directions of force for CFRP. The force F3 and vertical force F4 and F4 along the cutting speed direction have the function of stripping the upper carbon fiber layer upward.

Because of the brittleness of carbon fiber composite material, it is difficult to process, easy to appear edge, layer, tear and other defects.

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