Carbon fiber material is one of the now widely popular new materials, as a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus carbon fiber products, it plays an important role in every field, carbon fiber has significant advantages in mechanical, thermal, chemical, today we focus on heat the properties of carbon fiber composite material, so that we can further understand the carbon fiber.

First of all, the mention of thermal performance will think of the ability of an item to endure high temperature. High temperature carbon fiber materials alone can withstand 1000 degrees Celsius, but carbon fiber generally cannot be used alone, usually with the resin composition fusion, carbon fiber composite materials, the high temperature performance depends on the matrix resin is high temperature resistant, general working temperature of carbon fiber composite material common at 180 degrees, via the new material developed the working temperature of the carbon fiber composite material with high temperature resistance 300-400 C, it has been applied in some high temperature resistant carbon fiber board.

The advantage of carbon fiber in a thermal performance is that the coefficient of thermal expansion is small (thermal expansion coefficient: the object has the phenomenon of expansion and contraction due to temperature change. ” The change ability is equal pressure (P), the change of the length value caused by the unit temperature change. So the size of the carbon fiber product is very stable, and it will not cause the product deformation due to the expansion and contraction of the temperature. Carbon fiber also has good thermal conductivity and excellent heat insulation performance.

Carbon fibers are better compared with metal materials.

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