The preparation process of carbon fiber is long, including raw materials, synthetic fiber forming, pre oxidation and carbonization process contains dozens of links, polymer chemistry, polymer physics, material science and many other disciplines, perplexing the profound scientific connotation, really belongs to the material difficult project in a most high technology with science, only at the same time with the foundation of scientific theory, fully support the most advanced industrial technology based protection and operating the finest and the most stringent management of the three elements to be successful. However, the current situation of China’s carbon fiber industry shows that the three elements are all deficient, and the weakest is the research of basic science theory.

In the past thirty years of scientific practice, after a lot of successes and failures, many researchers in China analyzed the reasons for restricting the development of carbon fiber. The long-term lag of raw silk level is the &ldquo of carbon fiber level, and the bottleneck &rdquo has reached a consensus. The original wire on its news to have fulfilled “ &rdquo acquired congenitally deficient, difficult to fill the law.

Due to the inflow of two or three strand raw silk in recent years, it has the possibility of comparison. It is found that besides the diameter, strength and crystallization, the initial modulus, breaking elongation, molecular weight and its distribution, thermal properties and elemental analysis are basically close. The difference of fiber morphology and structure is obvious: the diameter is not as good as that of the foreign raw silk, and the deviation is large. From the SEM picture, we can also see that there are many, bigger defects and holes in the homemade precursor. The strength data is slightly lower, the unevenness is larger, and the crystallization orientation is smaller. The key is whether these gaps of two kinds of raw silk quality difference, not sure yet, but the lack of key indicators of the highest quality raw silk scale, is indeed one of the most serious problems existing in today’s domestic raw silk production.

Defect is the most important factor that leads to the decrease of material strength. It is the most fatal factor for the typical brittle materials, carbon fiber. However, there is little understanding of the reason for the formation of defects, especially the mechanism of how defects can happen and how to avoid them in the transformation process of precursors and precursors to carbon fibers. Therefore, the development of carbon fiber in China has stagnated in a period of time. The greater the gap with foreign countries.

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