In the large family of composite materials, carbon fiber resin matrix composites have always been the focus of attention. It is light weight, high strength, strong in design, have been used in many fields of aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, high-speed sports, military defense, this article to give you explain this excellent material.

Carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites are made up of carbon fiber reinforced material and matrix resin.

Carbon fiber reinforced material:

Carbon fiber is a kind of high performance fiber with carbon content above 90%, with the structural characteristics of carbon materials and the morphological characteristics of fiber materials. According to the difference of manufacturing raw materials, it can be divided into three kinds, namely polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber, pitch based carbon fiber and viscose based carbon fiber, and polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber is used most.

Its performance is excellent, the density is 1.7~2.0g/cm^3, only 1/4 of the steel, the tensile strength is more than 3000MPa, which is four times that of the steel. The thermal expansion coefficient is small, the thermal conductivity decreases with the increase of temperature, the resistance to high temperature and low temperature, the creep resistance, the stability and the long service life.

Resin matrix:

The role of resin in material forming mainly includes three aspects. First, it provides a rigid support for fiber, fixing fiber in predetermined position and direction; second, transferring load; third, separating fiber from the influence of surrounding environment.

The resin system is divided into two categories: thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin. Thermosetting resins are epoxy, phenolic and unsaturated polyester resins. The epoxy resin is a compound having an epoxy group with multiple hydroxyl compound polycondensation reaction product obtained, the cured epoxy resin has excellent physical and chemical properties, has excellent adhesion strength and the surface of metal and nonmetal materials, good dielectric properties, set small shrinkage, is one of the composite the most commonly used material base material.

According to the actual needs, through the hot pressing, winding, pultrusion, resin transfer molding and other processes, carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites can be made into different products for different fields.

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