Carbon fiber composite material is the most prominent properties of composite materials, the most widely used one, with its many outstanding performance, whether in civilian areas, or involved in military products, carbon fiber can play a significant role, and metal, as traditional materials, using the Shi Jiuyuan calendar, so when the carbon fiber composite case the traditional metal materials, they have what kind of performance? Through this article to understand.

To a certain extent, carbon fiber composites can be said to be opposed to metal materials, because carbon fiber is a non-metallic material, and on the other hand, carbon fiber and metal are also structural materials. In the aspect of mechanical properties of carbon fiber, such as hair toughness as solid as rocks, why is there such an argument? Carbon fiber is not made into products, just like textile fibers. It is very soft. It also shows that carbon fiber has strong plasticity and strong performance. When making products, the stiffness and hardness of carbon fiber are better than many structural materials. Although the strength of the metal is high, it is not as strong as the carbon fiber composite. Moreover, the shortest plate of metal is easy to be corroded, and carbon fiber belongs to non-metal. Its electrochemical activity is low, and it is inert for acid, alkali, salt and other chemical media. Carbon fiber composites also play an important role in weight reduction. In metal materials, the commonly used weight loss material is aluminum alloy. Its density is about 2.7g/cm3, while the density of carbon fiber composite material is 1.7g/cm3. So carbon fiber is the best choice for weight loss.

Summed up, the advantages of carbon fiber are stronger than steel, less dense than aluminum, and corrosion resistant than stainless steel. However, carbon fiber has greater brittleness and more difficult to repair, so when carbon fiber products are damaged, they can only be scrapped. Most of the structural parts are made of metal materials. The main reason is that the cost of using carbon fiber is high. However, with the development of economy, carbon fiber will also go deep into all fields.

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