Carbon fiber has the highest strength and the highest ratio of modulus of fiber reinforced high performance fiber has been mass production, as a kind of high performance fiber, as a kind of excellent reinforcing material, fusion of carbon fiber and resin matrix materials, can improve the material strength, stiffness, damping and thermal conductivity etc. other excellent properties, carbon fiber composite material is one of the most widely used in the composite family, has gradually become a composite optimal application prospect of modern high-tech fields.

We know that the carbon fiber composite material has excellent mechanical properties, which is reflected in the aspects of the strength of the carbon fiber, according to the stress type, the strength of the carbon fiber can be divided into four kinds, compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, shear strength, carbon fiber composite material the compressive strength and flexural strength in 1100MPa above, the tensile strength is above 3000MPa, the interlaminar shear strength of carbon fiber has reached 100MPa, and the general carbon fiber products are using multilayer carbon fiber prepreg lay out.

The carbon fiber composite material has more prominent wear resistance than metal material. With the increase of carbon fiber content, its wear resistance will also gradually increase, and the wear rate will decrease. Carbon fiber itself working temperature is very high, can reach more than 1000 DEG C, but made the temperature of carbon fiber products work is usually -60 ~150 DEG C, this is because the carbon fiber is generally not used alone, usually in the form of a composite application, such as resin matrix material temperature is not up to the. Wuxi new Mstar Technology Ltd via independent research and development of high temperature resistant carbon fiber composite material temperature at 300-400 deg..

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) has changed many defects in the material itself. It is an excellent performance index of materials, and can be used as a reference for future research of new materials.

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