The scaffold, as its name implies, is the framework that supports the support. It is widely used in life, such as greenhouse support, camera bracket, housing support, cable bracket, display card stand, etc., even when heart surgery, it will also use stents. There are various materials that can be used to make scaffolds, such as plastics, composites, metals, alloy materials, wood and so on. In recent years, more and more carbon fiber scaffolds made of high performance carbon fibers have been involved in many industries. Then what is the advantage of it?

As mentioned above, support must play a supporting role, so the strength must meet certain requirements. If the support strength is very small, it can not support the above objects at all, even if it is barely able to hold it, it will fail to meet external forces. It’s good to support something unimportant, and it’s very dangerous if people work on this kind of scaffold. Carbon fiber support, the strength of the steel is a few times higher than the steel, it is completely safe to use. Besides high strength and stability, carbon fiber has a shockproof performance. The three foot frame made by it is able to hold the camera and make clear photos. In addition, carbon fiber stents also have many advantages such as chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance and fatigue resistance. They can be used for long term supporting objects without deformation, and can be used in various environments.

The scaffolding made from other materials can be made almost with carbon fiber, and its advantages are obvious, but the price is a little more expensive.

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