After glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP), carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), as the second generation of high performance composite material, has been recognized as an outstanding high-performance structural material in the aerospace industry in terms of performance and price balance. Its specific strength and modulus are higher than that of 4X10^6cm and 4X1O^8cm, which are recognized as the lowest value of high performance composites.

Traditional glass fiber reinforced composites can not become high performance composites, because its specific modulus is far lower than the lowest value 6.5X10^8cm recognized as high-performance reinforcing fiber. Carbon fiber composite material has the advantages of low density, high strength, high stiffness, low coefficient of thermal expansion advantages and fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, it is widely used in aviation, boat days and sports goods industry, machinery industry, may also open up more and more wide application fields, such as structural materials for future large the space station will be built in the thermal expansion coefficient as low light and high strength materials on the basis of traditional measuring fine also with low coefficient of thermal expansion of materials. CF reinforced epoxy plastics have the characteristics of higher mechanical properties with lower temperature and can be used in low temperature environment and have thermal shock resistance.

CFRP can make high quality words, sounding equipment and other audio equipment. The fatigue resistance of CFRP is very astonishing. It is unmatched by metal materials in transportation and mechanical industry as engineering materials, load bridges and so on. Stylistic supplies and electronics industry are also willing to use highly fatigue resistant CFRP. In terms of corrosion resistance, its corrosion resistance in seawater solves the problem of seawater corrosion which cannot be solved by general metals, and it can be used to manufacture offshore pipe materials for offshore drilling.

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