In recent years, some high-end medical equipment manufacturers have chosen a carbon fiber composite material the high performance materials for their own products to achieve quality upgrading, the specific application of carbon fiber composites in the field of medical devices including carbon fiber plate, DR flat panel detector head, etc.. It has a strong advantage in X ray transmission and is an ideal material for making medical devices for radiation. This article will analyze the performance advantages of carbon fiber medical head support.

Aluminum equivalent general material is small, the X ray transmittance better, aluminum equivalent carbon fiber composite material is much less than the traditional production of medical head material, so that the medical head made of carbon fiber composite material carrier has good light transmittance of X, relative to the adhesive plate and phenolic plastics and other traditional materials can reduce the radiation dose, reduce the harm of radiation on the human body. Carbon fiber and medical support for head radiography clear, enhance the accuracy of medical diagnosis.

Medical head care also plays the role of supporting and fixing the head of the diagnosis and treatment. Strength and modulus is a measure of material bearing capacity index, and carbon fiber composite material and the two data is the highest in the existing structure of the material, which means that the carbon fiber has excellent medical head bearing capacity, able to firmly hold the weight of diagnosis and treatment, not only that, carbon fiber the density is very small, and the strength can also play a slimming effect. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) has a strong degree of freedom of design. We can make reasonable design according to the stress direction of the head support, and get the structure that satisfies both the requirements and the best performance.

The application range of carbon fiber composites in medical field is expanding. It is believed that with the cost reduction of carbon fiber composites and the development of production technology, the development of carbon fiber medical devices will go up to a new level.


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