In ancient times, knives were a very important weapon. They could not afford to go to war. After entering the era of hot weapons, knives gradually came out of the field of vision. However, as long as they were mentioned, they would still be &ldquo and &rdquo. In addition to the tool as a weapon, there are many other applications, the knife can be used to cut vegetables; the knife can be used to sharpen the pencil and paper cutting; the Swiss Army knife can help outdoor enthusiasts to survive in the wild. The main material for making cutting tools is steel, and since carbon fiber has appeared, people began to try to make cutting tools.

Carbon fiber cutters have many advantages compared with ordinary cutters.

1. Light weight. Traditional cutting tools are made of metal materials. They are heavy and small. They are not convenient to carry and operate. They will be easier to use after weight loss.

2. High strength and high toughness. We often use cutting tools to cut goods, and the strength and toughness of the steel are good, but they are still less than carbon fibers. The strength of carbon fiber is a few times more than that of steel, and the toughness of the fiber is very strong.

3, carbon fiber’s high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance are very good. Let’s take a kitchen knife. Sometimes the cut vegetables are taken out of the fridge immediately. The temperature is very low, which may affect the kitchen knife. And the kitchen knife should often contact different substances, and all kinds of juice will corrode it, so carbon fiber has great advantage in performance.

4. In appearance, carbon fiber cutters have a sense of fashion, suitable for all ages.

Now the carbon fiber cutters in the market are not so many, but the people who have used it say that they are not inferior to metal cutters. In the market, many products of carbon fiber, such as violin, spectacle frame, chair, desk lamp and so on, can be made of carbon fiber. It involves a lot of fields, and will continue to expand in the future.

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