Carbon fiber is the second generation of high performance composites after glass fiber. It has excellent performance and moderate price, and is widely used in various industries. Compared with glass fiber carbon fiber, glass fiber has a good effect in reinforcing, but it can not be called high-performance composite material, and the modulus and strength of carbon fiber are all recognized. The following is specific to the advantages of carbon fiber reinforced composites.

Carbon fiber reinforced composites have the advantages of small density, high strength, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Its fatigue resistance is very astonishing, and can be maintained in the working state for a long time without breaking, and even the metal can not be compared with it. Carbon fiber is not corroded by acid, alkali, salt and organic solution. It can be used as a material for drilling in offshore oil fields. Before the use of carbon fiber, the materials used in the offshore oil field are generally metal, easy to be corroded. The weight of carbon fiber is very light, and it is easy to operate in the transportation of materials. Now carbon fiber is used in aerospace, sports goods, mechanical processing and other industries, although it is more extensive, but there are many fields waiting for development. For example, it is used to make space stations, make phones, loudspeakers and other sound materials.

The biggest drawback of carbon fiber reinforced composites is large brittleness and easy to break. This drawback makes it difficult to machine it. Because of the large hardness, if the force is too small, the general machinery is difficult to drill and other mechanical processing. If the force is too large, it will easily burst, and it will be more trouble. To solve this problem, glass fiber or aramid fiber can be used to be woven with carbon fiber. This not only preserves the flexibility, strength and hardness, but also is more convenient to process.

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