Carbon fiber is a new fiber material with high strength and high modulus, but generally not used alone, but with the resin matrix materials are fused to form composite material, much of the performance advantage of carbon fiber composite materials with low density and excellent mechanical properties, energy absorbing and anti vibration, X ray through strong, not only has widely used in rail transportation, medical equipment and other fields, carbon fiber is extremely important military strategic materials.

In twentieth Century 50s, the United States developed the first viscose based carbon fiber, to 1959, Japan has developed a pan based carbon fiber, and is now the most widely used one, carbon fiber exhibits excellent performance in the field of military based, caused the attention of a series of military power.

The use of carbon fiber materials can greatly reduce the weight of the structure, and thus can significantly improve the fuel efficiency. Like the US fourth generation fighter F22, about 24% carbon fiber composite material is used. Carbon fiber composite materials are widely applied to the shells and shell of strategic missiles, which can greatly reduce the weight and improve the range and attack ability of missiles. Carbon fiber materials play a very important role in weight reduction for military equipment. Not only that, the energy absorption and anti vibration performance of carbon fiber materials also help the military equipment avoid electromagnetic interference, and ensure the normal communication ability. Although carbon fiber seems to be simple, its manufacturing process is very complex, and it is a systematic engineering of many disciplines.

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