Before the birth of mobile phone computers, people use clocks to see time. Almost everyone has wrist watches on their wristbands, whether they are expensive or cheap. After the invention of the mobile phone, because it can also look at the time, so some people no longer wear watches. But the watch industry has not been depressed, and it is still booming. The watch now is not only the use of time, it can also be an ornament, or a symbol of identity. There are many materials for making watches, including quartz, plastic, metal and so on. Recently, a new material, carbon fiber, has been popular.

It is not easy to make a watch with carbon fiber. Although carbon fiber has the properties of soft fiber, it is not easy to machine it because of its hardness. A watch case, such as a watch. The first choice of resin and carbon fiber materials, through repeated tests to find the most matching two, and then the fine grinding of carbon fiber material. Carbon fiber processing is to be skilled, the use of power over the fissured, the use of the force is too small, and can not be processed, so it is not easy. A cell phone is a very small item, and the parts that are used to make it are more subtle. The smaller the parts are more difficult to process, the requirements for the process are high, and the error must be close to zero. At the time of production, the temperature, the curing time, the forging technology and so on need to be taken into consideration.

Carbon fiber watches are novel and fashionable, and they are very popular. In addition to the upper atmosphere, its practical performance is also very good, resistant to fall, waterproof, and has a very high collection value. The only factor that affects its development is the price, the price of carbon fiber is too high, and it is difficult for the average person to consume. But the price of a high grade watch made with other materials is more than a thousand, so it is still acceptable.

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